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SANKOM Sp. z o.o. specialises in developing and publishing software supporting the process of sanitary systems design.

For more than 15 years our company has existed on the markets of Central Europe. Russian versions of our programs have been available for 10 years.
We successfully use our experience to develop our products, which are very popular and have an established position on both Polish and Russian markets.


cdWe offer the following programs:

  • Audytor OZC, allows to calculate the heat demand for buildings,
  • Audytor C.O., allows to design central heating systems,
  • Audytor H2O, allows to design water supply systems,
  • Audytor SDG, allows to design basic central heating systems simply and very fast.

Our software is most popular among designers, students of sanitary and environmental engineering and many other people interested in fast, professional and correct designing of the sanitary systems for apartment and public utility buildings.

 SANKOM Sp. z o.o. cooperates with numerous international companies, manufacturers and distributors which offer products such as: fittings, radiators, pipes and other products for building and running sanitary systems.


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Audytor OZC

A program, supporting calculations of the demand for heating power and seasonal heat demand for buildings.

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Audytor C.O.

A program supporting the design and regulation of central heating systems. This program allows also to design pipe systems in the chilled water installations.

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Audytor H2O

A program supporting the design of interior water supply systems.


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Audytor SDG

A program supporting easy and fast radiator selection.

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